Water Restoration Technician & Applied Structural Drying

Our IICRC WRT/ASD combo course will give you a steady foundation combining classroom instruction and drying a structure affected by water damage. In this combo course, the student will earn both the Water Restoration Technician (WRT) certification and the Applied Structural Drying (ASD) certification. These certifications will give the student hands on instruction and knowledge while they dry out a water damaged building.

Earn both certifications after successfully passing both exams! Please note there are two exams that must be completed in this combo course. 

Course Outline

1. Preparation for Safety
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Equipment Safety
Identifying potential on-the-job hazards
2. Preventing Further Damage (Mitigation)
Locating source
Protecting structure, furniture and other contents
3. Developing a Scope
Determining migration of water
Evaluating class and category of water loss
Understanding materials: Carpet, pad, flooring, sub-flooring, walls, etc.
Drying methods
4. Water Extraction
Extraction Tools
5. Measuring and Monitoring Moisture Levels
Moisture levels in materials and in the air
Meters and psychrometry
6. Installing Equipment
Equipment types
Equipment quantity and placement
Monitoring progress
Reconfiguring and adjusting equipment
7. Return to Pre-Loss Condition
Resetting contents

IICRC WRT/ASD Combo course

IICRC WRT/ASD Combo Class Info

Location: See locations below

Class Date: Multiple dates to choose from! See our schedule below.

Cost: $1,395/person + $160 testing fee (Note: There is an $80 testing fee for each exam)