Water Restoration Technician

The IICRC Water Damage Restoration Technician (WRT) class teaches students the fundamentals of water damage restoration. Based on the IICRC S500 industry standard, our instructors will cover everything from equipment and calculations to the science of drying, categories of water damage, and everything in between! 

Cost: $449/person + $80 exam fee (Paid to the IICRC) 

Course Outline

• Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
• Immunizations
• Equipment Safety
• Identifying potential on-the-job hazards
• Water Damage specific hazards

Water Damage Mitigation (Preventing Further Damage)
• Locating the source of water
• Protecting structure, furniture and other contents
• Stopping secondary damage

Developing a Scope
What’s wet?
• Determining migration of water
• Evaluating class of water loss
• Evaluating category of water loss
• Building materials: Carpet, pad, flooring, sub-flooring, framing, drywall etc.
• Drying methods
• Determine a dry standard and a dry goal

Water Extraction
• Extraction Tools
• Portable extractors and truck-mount extractors
• Extraction wands
• Extracting standing water
• Determining how many gallons of water are present
• Disposal

Measuring and Monitoring
How wet is it?
• Moisture levels in materials and in the air
• Types of moisture meters and how to use them
• Psychrometry – The science of drying

Installing Equipment
Is it drying?
• Types of air movers, how they are used, and determining how many are needed
• Types of dehumidifiers, how they are used, and determining how many are needed
• Monitoring the drying progress
• Reconfiguring and adjusting equipment to reach drying goals

Return to Pre-Loss Condition
Is it dry?
• Repairs
• Cleaning
• Resetting contents

Remember, the longer it sits the worse it gets!

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If you take a live-stream course, you must use a computer or tablet. You must be on camera the entire class.

The IICRC Water Damage Restoration Technician course is based on the IICRC S500 Standard for Professional Water Damage Restoration. The S500 is the industry standard and is used by restorers, insurance companies, attorneys, and anyone working in the water damage restoration industry!

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Fun Fact: Darren Foote is a member of the IICRC S500 Consensus Body, Chairman of the WRT class Technical Advisory Committee, and on the IICRC Board of Directors!


Have questions about the Water Restoration Technician class? See our Frequently Asked Questions or Contact us!

If you need help determining what time the class starts for your location, see our page on time zones.

WRT Class Schedule

IICRC WRT Certification (Water Restoration Technician) Class

Earning an IICRC Certification

Students who attend an IICRC course and pass the corresponding exam will earn their certification. This establishes you as a Certified Technician.

The WRT course teaches students the principles of water damage restoration. You will learn categories and classes of water damage, equipment calculations, and installation (including air movers, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers), psychrometry, the science of drying, how water affects building materials, and more! 

The IICRC WRT course is often the first class students take in their industry education. The Water Restoration Technician course will give you the foundation of mitigation and water damage restoration. 

After taking a WRT course, students will have the opportunity to take the WRT exam. After passing the exam, the student will receive their certification. Our WRT course prepares students for the exam following class and, more importantly, for real-world applications.

IICRC WRT certification with Learn To Restore

The water damage restoration class is great for anyone in the restoration, cleaning and insurance repair industries. Contractors, insurance professionals, TPA’s, property management, facilities engineers, restoration technicians, project managers and anyone can take this WRT class to become confident in their ability to understand the restorative drying process! 

These classes are an in-person or live-stream technical course that will give students the understanding of how to properly and efficiently dry out a building with water damage. This course covers how to determine what building materials can be saved and dried and what needs to be removed and replaced, level of contamination in water, potential rate of evaporation, how to determine equipment needs, psychrometry, moisture meters and much more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be in class the entire time?​

The IICRC requires students to attend the full duration of class to be eligible to take the certification exam.

Can I use an iPhone for this class?

Students must use a computer or tablet to view the certification class.

When and how do I take the WRT exam?

Students have a 45-day window after class to complete the exam online through the IICRC exam portal. For in person classes, students will take the exam on the last day of class.

Do I need to take a WRT class to do water damage work?​

Each state has different contractor and licensing requirements. You will need to comply with your local and state laws. The water restoration course is a technical course that teaches how to mitigate water damage properly but is independent of state licensing requirements.

Does the WRT certification expire?

IICRC certifications don’t expire as long as they are renewed. 

How many questions are on the exam?

The WRT certification exam consists of 84 multiple choice questions.

If you have additional questions about the Water Damage Restoration Technician course, check out our Help Center or contact us!