Large Loss Mastery

Become a Large Loss Master! Our Large Loss Mastery courses give you the systems and tools to estimate, scope, calculate production rates and so much more.

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The Large Loss Elite class teaches you how to scope, estimate, understand production rates, create damage assessments and so much more!

The Large Loss Business Mastery class teaches participants how to grow their business in the ever-changing restoration industry! 

Elite Estimating will give students an understanding of how to scope and write an estimate for a large loss with speed and accuracy! 

The Large Loss Mastery Next Tech class focuses on proven tools and methodologies to help restoration technicians perform at a higher level!

Large Loss Mastery

Large Loss Mastery is taught by industry veteran Thomas McGuire. With decades of experience and thousands of data points, Tom has created a lightning-fast system for commercial losses to scope, estimate, and more!

With our online live-stream courses, you can learn from anywhere in the world!