Successful Subrogation 1

A Course for Restoration Contractors
(in partnership with Claims Training Services)

Course Outline

Successful Subrogation 1 is an online course designed for restoration contractors and should be part of every insurance company’s direct property repair program. Participants attend a self-paced course, take the online final exam and after successfully passing the final exam, receive a certificate of completion. Students can download their certificate immediately after passing the exam.

The course consists of two modules:

  • Module One: The Importance of Subrogation
  • Module Two: Subrogation Recognition

The goal of this course is to teach restoration contractors what to do when they are on a scene following a loss so that subrogation potential is not destroyed. This course takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete.

**This is the course required by many TPA’s**

Self-Paced Course Details

Other Details: Upon registering for the self-paced course, you will have immediate access to the course! Enroll today, and earn your certificate today!

Final Exam: You will complete the final exam during the self-paced course. The Subrogation 1 final exam is 24 questions. A passing exam score is 80%. 

Course Certificate: After passing the exam, you can immediately download your Certificate of Completion. 

LearnToRestore.com, a premier education provider in both online and live platforms for restoration training, announced the expansion of its longstanding partnership with Claims Training Services (CTS). As the exclusive provider of Successful Subrogation courses, LearnToRestore.com is furthering its commitment to making quality education accessible, adaptable, and streamlined for professionals in the industry.

The course is a requirement for those seeking to join many programs offered by Third Party Administrators (TPAs), or Direct Repair Programs (DRPs). With this new course format, restoration contractors can expect a more streamlined process to earn their Successful Subrogation Certificate of Completion.