Multiple Student Discount

Save 10% when you register 4 or more team members for the same class date!

When you register 4 or more team members for the same IICRC live-stream course, a 10% discount is automatically applied to every registrant. No coupon code needed! This discount is only applied when 4 or more registrants are in the same class date. See below for the multiple student discount when students are in different class dates. 

Save 10% when you pre-purchase 4 or more registrations!

Have 4 or more team members that need training but can’t take them all out of the field at the same time? You can pre-purchase registrations to a course and receive a 10% discount! 

After you purchase 4 or more spots below, we will email you with a custom coupon code. You can then use the coupon code during registration for any class date available for the class you purchased. The coupon will take the registration price to $0. Coupon codes are good for 12 months!


Need ongoing training for 10 or more team members every year? Check out our Ongoing Training Program. 

Save 50% when you pre-purchase 100 WRT registrations!

Register for our WRT 100 seat MEGA DEAL for only $22,450. The normal price is $44,900! That’s a 50% savings!

Upon purchase, you will receive a custom discount code that can be used 100 times for any of our IICRC WRT classes. The discount code will allow you to register as normal, and will $0 out the price. 

100 WRT seats must be used within 24 months of date of purchase. Unused seats will be forfeited.