Water Restoration Technician Plus

Our IICRC Water Restoration Technician Plus (WRT+) certification course will give you the skills and understanding of water damage restoration plus so much more!

Earn an IICRC WRT certification after passing a post-course exam. In addition, this course can now be complete 100% online, including the exam! The WRT class is based on the IICRC S500 Standard.

Check out the normal WRT class.

If you take a live-stream course, you must use a computer or tablet. You must be on camera the entire class.

WRT+ Information

What’s the difference between the WRT and WRT+?

The WRT+ goes into more detail in throughout the course, gives additional real-world information and examples, adds additional class discussion, and tips and tricks learned from performing over 10,000 residential mitigation projects! The WRT+ adds an extra day of instruction. 


Can I still earn the WRT certification in the WRT+ class?

The WRT+ covers all the same topics and information discussed in the normal WRT and qualifies you to take the IICRC WRT certification exam after class.

Who teaches the WRT+ class?

Darren Foote is the instructor for the WRT+ class. He has extensive knowledge in the water damage restoration industry with decades of experience gained from owning and operating multiple restoration companies, being head of technical training for one of the largest restoration companies in the world, volunteering with the IICRC as vice-chair of restoration and remediation standards, the S500 standard chair, and so much more!

Who should take the WRT+ class?

Anyone can take the WRT+ class! If you are interested in a more in-depth WRT course with examples and discussions of real-world examples, you would love the class. We often see business owners or managers, technicians, and insurance professionals.

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Class Info

Location: See location below!

Class Date: Multiple dates to choose from! See our schedule below.

Cost: $549/person + $80 exam fee (Paid to the IICRC) 

Instructors: Darren Foote

Continuing Education: 14 IICRC CEC’s